Two days after I met Tiger

Welcome to my site. You will find here all the photos I like the best. I trust you will see a few interesting ones and if so, please let me know using 'Comments' or 'Thumbs up' option. I would like to believe, you will come back for more and will tell your friends about my site. I would like to recommend the 'Birds' and 'Animals' folders, as my favourites.

My interest in photography started in my childhood. My father used to have a darkroom and a Russian camera. I was intrigued by the smell of the camera holster and loved browsing through family photos he took. I got back to dad's equipment when being sixteen. Together, with my boyfriend we started experimenting again with his camera and developing black and white photos in a tiny bathroom of my future inlaws. The best part though, was that if we finished late his mom would let me stay for a sleepover.

I got back to photography when I hit forty and did not want to end up like my friends killing time in bars, complaing about our tough love life. Since then I 'finished' several compact cameras thinking they were 'cool' but there was always something missing and dissapointing about these shots. It was the lack of background blur and slow speed. So, I decided to buy a DSLR, a Canon 40D. It served me well and was perfect to learn the basics. I played with infrared, HDRs, macro and general photography. After some time, I upgraded to Canon 5D Mark II, a full frame and went through all the stages of learning of composition, portreture, nature and got stuck on birds. My latest purchase, Canon 7D Mark II serves me perfectly for bird phtography, which became my passion. Birds, as a target are a challange. They don't wait, don't pose and show up when I do not carry a camera with me. As my best friend guru bird photographer Jarek said, 'The best photos we take with the camera we actually have with us.'