Welcome to my site. Here, you will find all my best photos. I trust you will see a few interesting ones and if yes, please let me know using 'Comments' or 'Thumbs up' option.
I believe, you will come back for more and will tell your friends about this site. I can specially recommend the 'HDR' and 'Animals' folders, as my favourites.

My interest in photography dates from when my father had his darkroom and cameras. I was intrigued by the smell of the camera holster and loved browsing through family albums he made. I got back to dad's equipment when sixteen and together with my boyfriend started experimenting again.
Since then I killed several compacts thinking they were cool but there was always something missing and disappointing about these shots. I saw more than the camera and finally got to the point when had enough and bought Canon 40D.It served me well and was perfect to learn the basics. I upgraded to Canon 5D Mark II and having more fun than ever! :-)

If you are looking for a photographer to hire in Hong Kong I can help.
I take photos for local magazines and private parties. Families and organisations. I enjoy working on new challenging projects. I have a portfolio on www.photographersdirect.com and I am available for photoshooting in Hong Kong, Poland or Australia. (Depending on the time of the year.) I have reasonable rates that include post processing and print of 10 best photos of the session. The customer gets the full set of photos with three folders including the best shots. You can purchase photos directly from this website by clicking 'Buy a photo' button right above each picture. The price is 1.68 HKD for a single shot. Feel free to contact me on iza.143@hotmail.com